12/24/18 - Pennsylvania area - Over-the-air station
The over the air channel (WTVE 55.1/25.1) in Pennsylvania has been reduced in signal strength due to FCC regulation. Many viewers will no longer be able to see us who previously could. The station engineers are working to increase the power - scheduled for September 2019.

Viewers may be able to see us on channel 33.3 as well.

11/16/18 - Cincinnati area - Over-the-air station
The station had a technical change that requires a rescan of your channels.

05/01/17 - Miliwaukee area - Over-the-air station changed to 68.8
The over-the-air station covering Milwaukee will change channels to 68.8 on May 1st, 2017.

05/01/17 - Milwaukee area - CHARTER/WARNER VIEWERS
Charter/Time Warner viewers will now find us on Charter Spectrum channel 388.

04/04/17 - Cox, Rhodes Island
Cox Rhode Island Is No Longer on The Air:
Cox has chosen to remove SBN from their channel lineup. We are still working to have them reconsider their position. We ask that ALL Donors to SBN please continue to request SBN be added back to the lineup.

Since we do not know when we or if the channel will be added back, let them know we are on these other systems if they would like to change providers:
Verizon – Channel 297
Dish – Channel 257
DirecTV – Channel 344
Apple TV

01/03/17 - OMAHA, NEBRASKA
From February 1st, 2017 there will be a new Over-the-air station on Channel 48.4

New cable carrier for SBN - New Dawn Fiber on Channel 15.

12/18/16 - Charter/Time Warner cable change
Earlier this year Charter bought Time Warner Cable. As part of that acquisition, SBN will be changing channels in many of the larger markets we are in. Unfortunately, they are not making the change according to the schedule we received, it is happening at random times.

Today we receive notice that folks can no longer view us on 489 in NYC and Southern California. Please ask anyone who calls or emails to please check channel 470. Let me know if we are in fact on that channel.

12/01/16 West Palm Beach, FL - New Station -
New over-the-air station for Palm Beach, FL on Channel 57.2
06/14/16 ( 9.30am CST) - Minneapolis 25.2 - Temporarily of the air
We are currently off the air due to an electrical issue at the station. Electricians are at the site and hope to have it resolved today.

06/03/16 - Changes for Comcast & OTA Viewers in the Chicago, IL area
Changes are being made to Comcast and OTA channels in the Chicago, Illinois area on June 3rd, 2016. Information can be seen below.


- 115
Channel 365/385 ( NO LONGER AVAILABLE).


We hope to be broadcasting on another OTA Channel in the next 30 days.

06/03/16 - Changes for Satellite ( Amos 3) Viewers
Please be advised that due to urgent transponder reorganization, your service – SBN International on Amos 3, will migrate to a new signal starting – June 3rd, 2016.

The new parameters are listed hereafter:

Reception Frequency:
Reception Polarization:
Symbol Rate:

- 120
- 11547 MHz
- Vertical
- 2963 Msyb
- 3/4

06/01/16 - Channel Changes for Viewers in BOSTON, MA
On June 1, we will be launching on a full-power station in Boston, MA and surrounding areas. As a result of this launch, viewers will be able to tune in to SBN on the following channels.

Comcast Corporation
Verizon Communications
DISH Network
Charter Communications
RCN Corp.
MetroCast Cablevision
Shrewsbury Community
Time Warner Cable
BELD Broadband
Telephone & Data Systems

20, 813
23, 523
62, 956
62, 8786
24, 324
17, 1231
20, 520
62, 1062

06/01/16 - Channel Changes for Viewers in PHILADELPHIA, PA
On June 1, we will be launching on a full-power station in Philadelphia, PA and surrounding areas. As a result of this launch, we will be cancelling several of our long running channels we have been on. The last date we will air on any of these older channels will be July 31. This will mainly impact viewers who currently watch the OTA and Comcast channels. Our new channels on those two will be:


In addition, we will add the following
Service Electric:
Blue Ridge Communications:

Channel 51
Channel 25

51, 17